What are the most appropriate hairstyles for women over 50

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Long hairstyles for women over 50

Even though you’ve passed the age of 50, you shouldn’t feel any different than the way you did when you were in your 40’s or 30’s. Consider age as just a number because you only look as old as you feel inside but also keep in the mind a few general guidelines which are not meant to discriminate you, but to offer you the most appropriate choices regarding your facial features. A good example of a woman who is now over 50 but still manages to look amazing every time she steps on the red carpet is represented by Demi Moore.

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Although some people might say that women who have passed her age should wear shorter hair because this type of hairdo doesn’t emphasize wrinkles as much as long hair does, she continues to keep her hair long and straight, based on a dark and intense black color:

She definitely doesn’t show her age at all and you should take her look as an inspiration for yourself as well. Depending on your facial features, general style and preferences, you could get your hair done in the way that she did or decide on one of the hairstyles for women over 50 that Jane Seymour sported beautifully and gracefully:

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Having her hair based on a long kind of length that is also involving a wavy kind of texture, she completed her look using side-swept bangs that frame her face in a very beautiful and elegant way. At the same time, the light brown color of her hair is very youthful and modern, which is surely going to be a great choice for you too, as long as you feel up for it. If you feel young enough to wear your hair this way, then you should definitely go for it.

Medium hairstyles for women over 50

There aren’t any specific rules regarding the way in which hairstyles for women over 50 should look like, however you should avoid dying your hair in very bright and vivid colors, get impressive extensions or decide on very high ponytails. Although, as the saying goes, “you are only as young as you feel inside”, it’s important to consider the fact that at a certain age you should work with what you have and emphasize your qualities instead of bringing up your flaws on the table, for everyone to see.

The medium hair length is very stylish, youthful and modern and as long as you choose one of the right hairstyles for women over 50 based on medium hair, you will definitely look amazing with it. Helen Mirren is a famous Hollywood actress who has sported this kind of hair length several times when she was on the red carpet:

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The interesting thing about her hairstyle is the fact that she managed to work with her natural, grey-ish shade of hair color and make it appear much more youthful by dying a few hair strands in a very subtle, platinum blonde hue which provided her entire look with a lot of grace, elegance and feminity. This is why you should definitely check out her appearance and get inspired by it.

In addition to this, the general style of her hair consists in a very soft kind of bob because the cuts aren’t as angled as in the traditional kind of bobs. On the other hand, she has her hair based on a sort of wavy texture which makes it very easy for her hair to fall naturally on one side of her forehead in a fringe kind of way that also blends in with the rest of her hair.

As a result, her look is not only appropriate for her age but is also very youthful. Who says that once you have passed the age of 50, you should only wear your hair short? In order to find out more about the way in which you can style your hair at this particular age in your life, you should view the following tutorial:

Looking good over a certain age depends entirely on your personality and attitude because there’s nothing that you should be afraid of when you are getting your haircut done.

Short hairstyles for women over 50

You might not want to get your hair cut short once you have passed the age of 50 because everyone expects you to do so. However, there are plenty of beautiful hairstyles for women over 50 which are meant to make the most out of your facial features and provide you with a gorgeous look regardless of the exact age that you have.

A short haircut can actually make you look much more youthful than a longer one because you will benefit from a very modern style that reflects a younger age. At the same time, if your hair is thin and coarse then leaving it at a long length isn’t justified by anything whereas hairstyles for women over 50 based on short hair are able to provide you with tons of advantages.

First of all, once you decide on a particular hairstyle you should consider dying your hair in a youthful color as well because it will be emphasized even more thanks to the fact that your hair is going to be based on a short length. Various shades of brown and light blonde are ideal for any of the hairstyles for women over 50 because they are full of life, but also full of texture and feminity, offering you a flawless appearance.

When it comes to the actual short hairstyles that you can try, the straight and short bob represents a rather new and fresh kind of option for you and you should definitely take it into consideration. If you’re wondering which celebrity you should look up to when it comes to these kinds of hairstyles, the one that Judi Dench is rather amazing:

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Her hair is based on a very short pixie cut that involves a wavy and angled texture which gives the impression that there is a small kind of fringe created at the front side of her forehead, however it was done through the way in which her hair falls on her forehead. Without a doubt, this is a very beautiful and glamorous kind of hairstyle.

What do you like more? Short, medium or long?

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