The most suitable short curly hairstyles for women over 50

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Even if you have passed the age of 50, it doesn’t mean that you have to do your hair in an old-fashioned way which corresponds to the unspoken rules of the society.

You certainly need to be more careful when it comes to choosing very bright shades of color of your hair or any kind of crazy and funky styles because they might not be appropriate.

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Although most women who are over 50 fear the fact that the most popular hairstyles for them are based on short hair, there are plenty of short curly hairstyles for women over 50 which are actually going to make you look very sexy and young. The secret of these haircuts resides in their angled and layered cuts that bring a lot of style and texture to your hair.

A lot of short curly hairstyles for women over 50 are created following the shape of a short bob because it represents a very safe and feminine choice. If your hair is naturally curly, then all you need to do is have it cut at this length and under this particular kind of hairdo. The rest will be created on its own unless you really want to style your curls in a certain way.

The loose and wide curls are very popular at the moment due to the fact that they provide you with a natural and simple appearance. Therefore, if you weren’t blessed with natural curls you should then choose the short curly hairstyles for women over 50 that involve that particular kind of hair texture. You can even have just a few of your hair strands curled if you don’t want your entire hair to be curled.

Try pixie cut

The pixie cuts represent interesting starting grounds for a look that involves curls because they might not be as traditional as the rest of the basic cuts. However, the final result is still going to be very suitable for any woman who has passed the age of 50 because there is nothing crazy or out of the ordinary regarding these hairstyles.

You might also want to change the shade of your hair into a light brown one, being a very great choice that will be emphasized through the curls. Lighter shades of blonde are also suitable, depending on your skin tone as well. Regardless of your choice, it’s important that you feel good and youthful with your own look and this will be visible for the others through your appearance.

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