Flattering Benefits of Long Hairstyles with Bangs

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Many women love wearing long hair because it appeals to their feminine side. Unfortunately, as any stylist can tell you, long hair doesn’t look flattering on everyone so there are ‘tricks of the trade’ which can be employed. Keep in mind that the best hair style will always flatter the shape of the face and why it is important for some women to consider long hairstyles with bangs.

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In the mid 1960s, long hair with straight bangs became trendy which was evidenced by female vocalists from England. They all wore long ‘flips’ teased high on the crown with boxed bangs just like Dusty Springfield.

Girls around the world caught on to the trend and even American stars like Patty Duke began having their hair styled in this way. Bangs have gone in and out of vogue with perhaps the most remarkable styles evolving in the Roaring 20s with those flappers wearing medium to long lengths with short-short straight cut fringes.

Today’s woman has learned that bangs can actually allow her to wear her hair long if she has ‘frown creases’ or fine lines on her forehead. Styles popular today can have asymmetrical bangs that can be worn to one side or the other. A few years back those short flapper bangs recycled back to style and girls were wearing short bangs, perhaps only one to two inches in length. Women with lines on their forehead needed to avoid these styles as they did nothing to hide the ravages of nature or time.

The shape of a face is ultra important when considering wearing long hairstyles with bangs. If the face is too short and round, some types of bangs may make it appear even rounder and shorter. Nonetheless, asymmetrical bangs may work well if they are swept to the side which can work to draw attention away from its roundness. Those with ultra high or broad foreheads should take advantage of bangs since they can help even out the proportions of an otherwise disproportionate face.

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Even though long hairstyles with bangs may be trending at the moment, consider age and the shape of the face before running to the stylist for the latest fashionable cut. It may not look well on girls or women of all ages and the wrong bangs can promote a rather comical look. A good stylist can help determine if those bangs are right for you.

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