Cute Hairstyles for Elementary School

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It’s that time of year again, when children everywhere are heading back to school. They want to show off the new clothes that they just got, but they also have new hairstyles to wear around the school. What are some cute hairstyles for school that your elementary school student will love?

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While long locks flowing freely look beautiful on many little girls, it’s not the most convenient of cute hairstyles for school.

Hair is constantly getting in their eyes when they are running around in gym, and it can make for a sticky mess with a peanut butter sandwich. Grab some cute clips, and part her hair to the side. Using the clip, hold back the side with the most amount of hair on it. This will allow her to still wear her hair all down, but it won’t cause problems throughout the day.

Something for long hair:

See more HERE.

You can also consider going for some adorable up dos. When your little one is up early in the morning, use a curling iron to make some bouncy locks that remind you of Goldilocks. Put her hair up in a ponytail, so those curls can bounce all through the day. Use some hairspray to keep it in place. This style isn’t the best for a gym day or when it’s humid out because the curls may quickly fall out. To liven up a more sporty ponytail, add a ponytail holder with a flower on top for a feminine touch.

Half up and half down styles are all the rage too. Whether your daughter has her hair stick straight or in a bunch of beach waves, pull back the front part into a cute clip or bow. A big bow is always adorable with a fancy outfit or on a day when the school is having a little elementary school pep rally. Try to match hair ties to the school colors or to the nearest holiday.

If you’re interested in short hair, see THIS.

Cute hairstyles are not just for little girls though. It won’t be long before boys want to do their own hair, so moms take advantage of it while they can. Try putting some gel in your son’s hair so that he can have little spikes just like his dad. If the school dress code permits it, you can send your boy in a cap from his favorite baseball team.

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So many hairstyles exist, but you don’t want to force any onto your child. Allow him or her to be a part of the decision making process when it comes to selecting cute hairstyles for school.

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